I have had a love and passion for photography and aesthetics for as long as I can remember. In 2005, I earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Visual Communications, Commercial Photography. Ever since I have been staying busy capturing people's personal stories though my camera lens.

Every family has it's own original story to tell. Each family is special carrying their own unique personalities though their expressions, fashion and choice in surroundings and interactions. I take pride in creating a photographic landscape for these personal traits to shine though.

I enjoy watching, waiting and then shooting the perfect moments. I capture these moments one at a time and from that create a visual story of life, love, tears and laughter. My style reflects both my personal and professional experiences. I use many styles throughout the photographic spectrum from candid and photojournalistic to traditional composition to aid in documenting these unique stories. I provide memories for the entire family to reminisce about and enjoy for years to come.

Hope to capture your special memories soon!

Sarah Burns-Spielvogel